24/7 access to a team of specialists for all issues relating to labour, employment equity, B-BBEE, skills development and management training.

Being a business owner is about doing what you love. It is about your passion becoming your profession. Whatever the industry or the size of your business – from manufacturing and distribution to sales and services – it is your dream that has become a reality. However, your time is often consumed by other tasks and responsibilities, including labour issues. Not only do you spend time on issues not related to your core business, but it impacts on your bottom-line.

What you need, is a multi-skilled, mobile team to swoop in and solve all your labour issues. What you need, is QBD. QBD is exactly that: a veritable one-stop-shop that comes to you when you need us most! Labour issues, employment equity, B-BBEE, skills development, management training – whatever your needs the QBD team is available 24/7.

The QBD team’s focus is on providing peace of mind to employers. The QBD approach is as unusual as our motto: quommitment, which refers to our commitment to quality service and our focus on establishing a relationship with our clients. All QBD team members are multi-skilled, which enables the company to react quickly to the needs of our clients. QBD is committed to a quick turnaround in resolving labour issues. All services are delivered on-site. From farm to factory – we come to you in order to minimise disruptions as far as possible. 

QBD’s quommitment is built on a balance between ethical conduct and practical skill. We are confident in our abilities to address issues quickly but with integrity, honesty and truthfulness. QBD provides clients with a versatile team of specialists that will deliver, whatever the issue. The QBD quommitment allows our clients to entrust us with their most precious resource – their reputation. At QBD we see our fair, balanced and skilled approach as added value, but also as value-adding – a continued relationship based on quality and commitment. 

The ultimate aim of QBD is to create time for employers and to put back the joy into being your own boss. A long-term QBD quommitment allows for smoother day-to-day management, which in turn allows our clients to focus on realising their vision.


Based on our skills and knowledge in the field of labour we are confident that we will deliver a service that will enhance our client’s business.

Skills Development

Investing in the skills of your workforce is essential for sustainable growth of your business. We will advise on skills development and help you to claim your levies back.

Employment Equity

Employment Equity is one of the growing administrative burdens of management. Our extensive experience will ease your burden by submitting yearly reports and drafting necessary EE plans.

Management Training

Proper management skills ensure smooth functioning and sustainable growth of businesses. We believe, in order for us to render an effective service, all our clients should be trained in all facets of labour.



We ascertain the state of, and the sector in which your business must be classified as well as possibility of obtaining a certificate in the shortest possible time. Our skilled consultants will guide and assist you in order to obtain the necessary B-BBEE certification should your business not comply with legislation.